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Welcome to Pyrenean Mastiffs of the Northwoods

A winter-loving Pyrenean Mastiff
At the lake

We are striving to protect and preserve this rare breed in the United States. To produce quality puppies, we breed with a focus on genetic diversity, temperament, and structure. Visit the Puppies tab to find out more on how we raise our puppies.

Our family wanted to find large, winter-loving dogs as companions and guardians. After extensive research, we imported two females from Spain in 2019, Cali (Ulzama de Saigola) and Lena (Adalena Serra do Barbanza). Our kennel is dedicated to responsible breeding, promoting the rare Pyrenean Mastiff breed, and raising happy and confident puppies.

Interested in a Pyrenean Mastiff puppy? Contact us to learn more about the puppy buying process and available puppies.

At the lake
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