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At the lake

The first 10 weeks.....


Each pairing is carefully selected with a focus on diversity, temperament, and structure. Once a breeding date has been chosen by progesterone testing, we schedule an appointment with a specialized Reproductive Clinic. The studs we've used are out of state/country so we use imported semen and breed via artificial insemination.

Birth-2 weeks

As puppy arrival time gets closer, the whelping area is set up and puppy watch begins! After puppies have arrived, they are monitored constantly. The first couple weeks are the most crucial for the puppies and someone is always with them--night and day. These are the weeks that the puppies seem to sleep continuously, while the humans are continuously without sleep! We start Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) on the puppies from day 3-16. After the puppies are born, we ask for a $500 deposit. This will hold your spot for a puppy.

2-6 weeks

By week 3, the eyes are ears have been open for part of a week and the critical socialization period starts. Puppies this age are like little sponges! We like to regularly introduce them to new sensations and sights and sounds. We expand their whelping box/play area, they get to meet new people that sound and smell and look different. We introduce them to clicker training, and they begin to learn to offer behaviors and mand. They begin using their potty area more consistently. Puppies get their first dose of dewormer.

7-9 weeks

At 7 weeks, the puppies receive their first round of vaccinations and another deworming. After a week of building immunity, the puppies are now ready to meet outside dogs in friendly, controlled environments. We are constantly assessing the puppies' personalities and temperament, and around 7 week, we began assigning puppies to their new families!

10 weeks

Ten weeks is when we kiss our pups good-bye and send them on to their forever homes. Each puppy is sent home with a puppy package which includes: blanket, treats, favorite toy, leash and collar, doggie bags, food starter bag, and folder with puppy's paperwork (AKC registration, vet records, microchip information).

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