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Pyrenean Mastiff Association of America

This is the website of the National Breed Club in the United States. You will find tons of wonderful information on the Pyrenean Mastiff - everything from the breed standard, to the origin and history of the PM, webinars, tips on grooming and training, the PMAA newsletter, merchandise and so much more. Stop on by!

Handsome 8 week old Pyrenean Mastiff

Here you can find pedigrees on 10,779 recorded Pyrenean Mastiffs. There are also records of health test results collected from breeders, clubs and databases from various countries. This database gives breeders the possibility to calculate the inbreeding coefficient (COI) of a future litter - a valuable tool for us as we plan our pairings.

Winter is the best time of year for the Pyrenean Mastiff!
Pyrenean Mastiff Facebook Groups

Network with other owners of Pyrenean Mastiffs, share pictures and videos of your PMs!


The Pyrenean Mastiff in America 

Pyrenean Mastiff in Europe

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